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The TEACHNJ Act (“TEACHNJ”) is the bipartisan tenure reform approved unanimously by the legislature and signed into law by Governor Christie on August 6, 2012. The goal of the law is to “raise student achievement by improving instruction through the adoption of evaluations that provide specific feedback to educators, inform the provision of aligned professional development, and inform personnel decisions.” At its core, TEACHNJ reforms the processes of earning and maintaining tenure by improving evaluations and opportunities for professional growth.



  • Tenure decisions are now based on multiple measures of student achievement and teacher practice as measured by new evaluation procedures.
  • Lengthy and costly tenure hearings are shorter, focused on process only, and less expensive.
  • Educator feedback and development is more individualized and focused on students.


The TEACHNJ legislation applies to “teaching staff” who currently work in New Jersey public schools with the exception of charter schools, which are not addressed in the law.1 Teaching staff, as defined by the law, includes individuals in the positions of:

  • Teacher,
  • Principal (other than administrative principal),
  • Assistant principal (AP)/vice-principal (VP),
  • Assistant superintendent,
  • All school nurses including school nurse supervisors, head school nurses, chief school nurses, school nurse coordinators, and any other nurse performing school nursing services,
  • School athletic trainer, and
  • Other employees required to hold appropriate certificates issued by the board of examiners.


TEACHNJ defines requirements for educator evaluation systems, other professional growth and development systems, and tenure decisions. These requirements do not apply to every teaching staff member in the same manner. The chart on the following page depicts how the primary requirements of the law apply to each type of teaching staff member.


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Employee Evaluation:4220

Teachers: 3221

Certified/Non-teaching Staff: 3222

Administrators: 3223

Principals/AP’s: 3224