Dr.  Natakie Chestnut-Lee, Superintendent of Schools
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2021-2022 Comprehensive Guidance Plan.docx (2) (pdf)
Comprehensive Equity Plan 2020-2022.docx (1) (pdf)
District Professional Develpment Plan (pdf)
Pleasantville School District Mentoring Plan 2021-2022 (1) (pdf)
Richard Norris T12-19 (2) (pdf)
OFAC Case# INV-008-19 (Half-Day Instructional Hours ) (pdf)
District's Strategic Plan (pdf)
District Technology Plan 2016-19 (pdf)
OFAC Case SIU-008-17 (pdf)
OFAC Case INV-043-16 (pdf)
OFAC Case INV-024-16 (pdf)
Pleasantville Clearance Report Summer 2016 (pdf)
PBOE Consolidated Monitoring Report Dec 2015 Case# CM-002-14 (pdf)
PBOE CAP for Consolidated Monitoring Case# CM-00214 (pdf)
PBOE CAP for OFAC INV-121-12 (pdf)
PBOE NJDOE OFAC Report-Case# INV-121-12 (pdf)
OFAC Case #INV-071-13 (pdf)
2022-2023 User Friendly Budget (pdf)
2021-2022 USER FRIENDLY BUDGET (pdf)
User Friendly Budget 2020-2021 (pdf)
User Friendly Budget 2019-2020 (pdf)
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School Safety
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The administrative offices are open Monday through Friday from 8 am till 4 pm. To reach the district's main telephone line, dial (609) 383-6800. From there, dial the extension of the individual you are trying to reach. All administrative extensions are listed at the bottom for your convenience.


Superintendents' Office:

Dr. Natakie Chestnut-Lee

ext. 2507   Superintendent of Schools

 Nicole Bishop

ext. 2507

   Executive Secretary

Curriculum & Instruction:

Dr. Christiana Otuwa

ext. 2399

 Assistant Superintendent

Takenya Martin                     

ext. 2399            Executive Secretary                 

Business Office:

Daile Dixon-White                      

 ext. 2551

 Business Administrator/Board Secretary

Ricardo Jones

ext. 3075 Assistant Business Administrator

Migdalia Rosario                      

ext. 2526 Executive Secretary

John Hannigan                                      

ext. 3155

Database Coordinator

Catherine Manning

ext. 2534

Staff Accountant

Chalyse Whitland

ext. 2357

Staff Accountant

Janecia Smith

ext. 2549

Payroll Specialist

Aleece Angus

ext. 2528 Payroll Specialist

Brendan Smith

ext. 2539 Senior Accountant Grants Coordinator

Tanya Burgess

ext. 2506 Payroll Clerk

Diane Greshman

ext. 4122 Benefits

Human Resources:

Dr. Christiana Otuwa

ext. 2399 Assistant Superintendent

Temera Terrell            

ext. 2054 Executive Secretary

 Annette Diaz

ext. 2364 Executive Secretary

Lolita Adams

ext. 2533



ext. 2541



Student Services:

Dr. Christiana Otuwa

ext. 2399 Assistant Superintendent

Karin Farkas                        

ext. 2240 Director of  Special Services  

Cynthia Johnson            

ext. 2241 Secretary

Tracy Pedano

ext. 2369



Operation of Facilities:& Instruction:

Roderick Knox            

                  ext.  2512                 Director of Operations

Vance Brock

ext. 3112 Custodial/Maintenance Foreman

Saudia Pettus

ext. 4115